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Button leads Barrichello to Monaco double 0

Button leads Barrichello to Monaco double

Button wins Monaco Grand Prix as this is his fifth victory of sixth race of this season. Button followed by Barrichello who secured second position at start of grand prix. Despite he had rear tyre graining with super soft tires in the first stint he succeeded to stay ahead of Raikkonen who seemed faster than him in the first stint with harder tires. Raikkonen followed by his team mate Massa in fourth who posted the fastest lap of the race.

Webber who managed to pass Rosber with the strategy was fifth. Alonso was seventh after a very long first stint with harder tires. The last point was Bourdais’s who secured to stay ahead of Fisichella. Vettel and Kovalainen retired after they crashed while they were in a position to score some points. Hamilton who started at the back of the grid could only be 12th.

Button got pole in Monaco ahead of Raikkonen 2

Button got pole in Monaco ahead of Raikkonen

Jenson Button once again got pole position this season at Monaco Grand Prix. Despite his struggle in early stages of Qualify today he did an exceptional lap at dying moments of Q3 and secured pole position. Raikkonen was second just 0.025 seconds behind Button despite he was the fastest man in Q2 with almost six tenths quicker than last years best Q2 time. Barrichello from Brawn was third ahead of Vettel in fourth who didn’t seem to be on pace this week. Massa was fifth who crashed his car at the beginning of Q1 but was lucky enough to continue. Rosberg was sixth, Kovalainen seventh and Webber was eight before tomorrow’s race.

The real drama was Hamilton’s crash at first session after posting the best first sector time. Hamilton seemed very strong all week here and he could deliver a very strong performance today if he didn’t crash. Another big surprise was seeing both cars of teams BMW and Toyota to be knocked out in Q1 while Force India and Torro Rosso drivers were in top 15. Car weights are yet to be published by FIA, but most of the time strategy is more important at this circuit than the raw speed.

Monaco Team and Driver Previews 2

Monaco Team and Driver Previews

Monaco is one of the most precious and unique circuits of Formula 1 calendar. As a street circuit it’s a combination of slow and twisty corners. All teams come here with a special package and mechanical setup is very important for success since all the teams use their maximum downforce available. It will be interesting to see how 2009 cars will behave at this circuits since they don’t have last years downforce levels thanks to the new regulations.

Brawn GP comes this race as favorites as they were the fastest at Barcelona circuit’s last sector which demonstrates Monaco characteristics. RedBull is expected to have their new Double-Decker diffuser solution at this grand prix. Ferrari is eying their first podium after a successfull demonstration of their upgrades at Spain Grand Prix.

Button leads Brawn’s one & two in Spain 1

Button leads Brawn’s one & two in Spain

Jenson Button wins Spanish Grand Prix as this is his fourth victory of this season. Despite he has been passed by Barrichello at the start, Brawn changed him to a two stop strategy while Rubens was on a three stop. Barrichello finished second ahead of Webber who has made best use of softer tyre in his second long stint. He is followed by team mate Vettel. Vettel’s race passed at the rear of Massa thankls to a good start with use of KERS.

Due to a fuel rig problem at Mass’s last pit stop, Massa was forced to conserve fuel and drop two places during the closing laps. Alonso passed Massa at last lap while he was 16 seconds behind him until Massa started to slow down. Alonso finished fifth. Massa finished sixth just 1.6 seconds in front of Heidfeld. The last point scorer was Rosberg ashe finished eight.

Button leads Vettel to Spanish GP pole 0

Button leads Vettel to Spanish GP pole

Button will start tomorrow’s race from pole position as he secured his third pole position of this season. He managed to start his last flying lap in Q3 when just a couple of seconds left to the finish and he described his last lap as the best of the weekend after qualifying. Vettel was second only one tenth of a second slower than Button. Barrichello was third as he was first until the very last moments of Q3.

Another good performer of Qualifying was Massa who will start fourth on the grid, the only man with KERS at top ten. He was fastest at Q1 and was only two tenths slower than the fastest man Barrichello in Q2. It seems Ferrari improved a lot after their latest updates. Webber will start fifth in front of both Toyota’s as Glock sixth and Truli seventh. Countryman Alonso was eight fastest as he managed to pass to Q3 at last second. The last two drivers at top ten was Rosberg and Kubica who will start ninth and tenth respectively.

Spanish Grand Prix Tech File 0

Spanish Grand Prix Tech File

The Grand Prix circuit near Barcelona is one that every F1 team knows well from the hundreds of kilometres of testing carried out there over the winter. Few venues offer such a variety of medium and high-speed corners and it is widely acknowledged as the definitive aero circuit that provides a stern test of an F1 car. With few big braking zones and so many high-speed corners, overtaking remains extremely difficult and a good qualifying performance and sensible strategy are paramount for a successful weekend.


Aerodynamic efficiency is always a key factor at Barcelona, although the introduction of the chicane at the end of the lap in recent years has replaced on of the most critical high-speed parts of the lap and means the track is not as demanding as it once was. Even so, the circuit remains the ultimate test of a car’s aero package and teams will run with high downforce levels to ensure competitiveness over the whole lap.

Spanish Grand Prix, Team and Driver official previews 4

Spanish Grand Prix, Team and Driver official previews

After four back to back fly-away races of 2009 season, Formula 1 is finally back to Europe starting with Spanish Grand Prix this week. Most of the teams are planning to bring major updates to this track and it will be interesting to see who did the best job. All ten teams have done testing here in March, but the pecking order may change as all the teams brought updates to their cars during past four races.

Ferrari, Brawn, BMW and Torro Rosso teams are excpected to bring major updates to this event. Ferrari will have it’s first double decker diffuser solution and a lighter chasis for Raikkonen while BMW will have a lighter chasis and a lot of aerodynamic updates. They also ruled out running KERS at Spanish and Monaco grand prix’s to be able to focus on evaluating updates. On the other hand, Brawn Gp will introduce their first update to the car this season.

£40 million budget cap for 2010 1

£40 million budget cap for 2010

2010 FIA Formula One World Championship

Cost Cap Regulations

From 2010, all teams will have the option to compete with cars built and operated within a stringent cost cap.

The cost cap for 2010 will be £40m per annum*. This figure will cover all team expenditure except:

Marketing and hospitality;
Remuneration for test or race drivers, including any young driver programmes;
Fines or penalties imposed by the FIA;
Engine costs (for 2010 only);
Any expenditure which the team can demonstrate has no influence on its performance in the Championship;
Dividends (including any tax thereon) paid from profits relating to participation in the Championship.
* For the purposes of these Regulations, the financial year is 1 January to 31 December.

Button wins Bahrain Grand Prix 3

Button wins Bahrain Grand Prix

Jenson Button claimed his third win of the year in front of Sebastian Vettel in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Pole-sitter Jarno Truli finished third after they changed to prime tires at first pit stop which clearly didn’t pay-off. Last year’s world champion Lewis Hamilton became forth after a successful start thanks to the KERS, whereas Rubens Barrichello could only finish fifth after the team switched him to a three stop strategy.

Kimi Raikkonen finished sixth and scored Ferrari’s first points of this year. Timo Glock was seventh after a very early first pit stop and switch to the harder tyre compound. The last point scorer was Fernando Alonso from Renault.

Toyota locked-out front row in Bahrain Qualifying 0

Toyota locked-out front row in Bahrain Qualifying

Jarno Truli led Toyota’s first ever front row lock-out in qualifying. He set the benchmark at Q3 with 1m33.431s and comfortably beat his team-mate Timo Glock who suffered from a mechanical failure during morning’s practice session. Vettel who was the fastest at Q2 with only one flying lap secured 3rd position for tomorrow’s race.

Button from Brawn GP was fourth fastest who admitted they are no longer ahead. He closely followed by Lewis Hamiton who is hopeful for a podium finish for tomorrow’s race thanks to their updates. Rubens Barrichello was sixth ahead of Fernando Alonso who is seventh. Felipe Massa set the eight fastest time in Q3 with a last minute attempt. Nico Rosberg was ninth and Kimi Raikkonen was 10th after and encouraging fifth position at Q2 session.